The concept of dedicated desk rental is relatively new. Nonetheless, it is a much-needed modernization of the traditional working environment. Over time, there have been a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs who have changed their style of working. With more people running their businesses from home and the rise of small teams working from remote locations for their companies — a dedicated desk rental at a coworking space offers a great solution.

There are many options available if you want to try a desk rental for your team or business. The underlying concept of a coworking space or a shared workspace is several professionals working for different companies under the same roof. They all share the same facility and all of the amenities it offers. Because they all share the space, the cost for these dedicated desks is extremely affordable for small businesses. They are ideal for small companies with less than 30 employees because they don't have to invest in a huge office space.

There are several companies offering coworking spaces in Dallas. One of the most elegant and futuristic is Venture X. We offer you a menu of beautiful workspace solutions with flexible month-to-month agreements and without the burden of leases or long-term contracts. The coworking solutions we offer are:

All the above-mentioned coworking solutions are open to all professionals based on their job requirements. For example, a particular team of individuals might only need to meet once or twice a month to regroup and discuss ideas and for such groups meeting rooms are a good option. While some people may require a dedicated space for themselves, others may need a desk for all of their employees to work in a focused and productive environment. The great news is that a dedicated desk is an ideal option for both.

Dedicated Desk Rental

Among the different coworking space solutions, a dedicated desk is one of the most popular and commonly used rentals. The dedicated desk rentals generally include a filing cabinet and ergonomic chair, with 24/7 access, a mailing address, and a monthly conference room usage. This is best for professionals who are looking for a dedicated workspace for themselves.

Working from home may not be the best option for everyone. Along with the flexibility of working from home, comes with many distractions of the house. An alternative for people who want to avoid all distractions and focus on work in order to have a more productive day, choose a dedicated desk rental plan. Usually dedicated desks are clubbed together and put in a specific area in the coworking space so that they are not grouped together in collaborative or social areas where you might be distracted.

When choosing a dedicated desk in a coworking space for yourself, you should always consider the location of it because you will be commuting from the house to the office every day. If you don't want to lose a considerable amount of time on the road, choose a co-working space close to your home. Venture X has several locations across Dallas including Downtown Dallas, near the Galleria Dallas, Addison Dallas, near Richardson, near Plano and near Garland.

Hot Desk vs. Dedicated Desks

Hot desks are also very popular options for several professionals. It offers them a great deal of flexibility because of the "pay-as-you-go" and "sit where there is an opening" memberships. Once you walk into the coworking space, you can find a vacant seat to set up your laptop and other essentials on the desk and get to work.

Coworking spaces also offer a full-time or part-time option for hot desks. If you are sure you won't be using the desk for the whole day, you can choose the part-time option for a better price. A minor downside to the hot desk working space, it that it's harder to have a community and form connections because of the changing crowd. People come and go, leaving no space for continuity.

With dedicated desks, it is easier to form connections and feel a sense of community because the same group of people come every day and spend considerable time at their desks. In turn this gives you an opportunity to interact and form connections.

Most coworking space has a mixed bag of hot desks and dedicated desks. They are all situated in highly populated and commercial places like Downtown Dallas, Addison Dallas, near Richardson, near Plano, and more. Hot desks or dedicated desks are both modern alternatives to a traditional office space. It all comes down to your requirement as the user. If you require discretion and a certain amount of privacy, then a dedicated desk might be a better option because hot desks will invite visitors throughout the day.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Desks

If you are new to the coworking scene then you might first try to get an open membership. This type of membership is also known as a cafe membership or community membership. An open membership allows you to try out different desk styles, test out the noise levels, the facility, and the amenities offered. Finding your perfect desk style and noise level is the key for a good coworking space.

Before making the final decision, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of dedicated desk rentals.



These pros and cons should be able to help you decide about choosing a dedicated desk rental in a coworking space. In a coworking space, a dedicated desk rental can offer the best of both worlds – the opportunity to work privately in a setting that promotes networking and social interaction.

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