Your Path to An Affordable Coworking Space Could Be a Short Phone Call Away


Businesses need a dedicated office space to survive. A dedicated office space offers the employees the right environment to work and enjoy a productive day. However, the definitions of office spaces are constantly changing in today's busy world. Therefore, it is important to understand what type of office space would best suit your business and your employees. A few common types of office spaces are:

If your business is at a stage where it is no longer practical to work from home, you can start investing a bit more in a suitable working space that will increase productivity and help your business grow. Venture X is one such entity that believes in investing in businesses in Dallas.

Venture X offers beautifully designed workspaces for all types of businesses including entrepreneurs, established businesses, start-ups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

We offer a great deal of flexibility to fit your business needs and requirements. We have shared or dedicated desks, private offices for individuals and teams, a community space with café, and virtual memberships. Our month-to-month memberships offer you the liberty to adjust as you need.

Here are a few important aspects to consider while renting out a coworking space in Dallas.

Location is Key

Location is one of the main considerations when you set our to find office space anywhere in Dallas. You have to find a location that is close enough for your team members to travel. If you are planning on expanding your team, then it is best to choose a location that is close enough to an area that’s populated with potential talent. Venture X has a set of great locations that you can choose from depending on your preferred locations.

A few popular locations are Uptown Dallas, Downtown Dallas, Galleria Dallas, near Addison Dallas, Richardson, near Plano and Garland

Effortless accessibility to Clients

You should also consider if the office space you are renting is accessible to others, especially clients. Hence, you should choose shared office space for rent that is accessible from freeways, public transportation and are easily locatable.

Nearby Amenities

Another major factor that could impact your decision on co-working space in Dallas is the amenities that are available nearby. Your team members will appreciate access to good restaurants and coffee shops that are in the nearby vicinity of their working space. It should also be close to places that your business would require you to frequently visit like banks, hotels, meeting spaces and more.

Budget for Coworking Space Dallas

Finding the right space at the right price in Dallas is quite a challenge. The additional cost of a workspace is a big challenge for small businesses to handle. Hence, you should choose an option that will help propel the growth of your business rather than one that might put your business in debt. It is essential to crunch the numbers and look for an option within your price range to operate comfortably. A popular low-cost option is a shared virtual office space.

Prepare for Additional Expenses

A lot of expenses go into moving to a shared office space for rent. The actual rent is only one part of the expenses. Be sure you know what is included and more importantly the utilities and amenities that are not included in the rent. Fortunately, you will not have this problem at Venture X because we have a clear and crisp agreement ironing out all the details.

Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs are a crucial part of using office space. They are bound to happen and you should know how to handle it if it does. These are details that you need to sort out with a landlord well in advance. Generally, a landlord will have staff on the premises to take care of any issues with the facility. However, you should make sure the nitty-gritty of repairs and maintenance are part of any agreement.

Expert Advice

Looking to find office space anywhere in Dallas is not an easy task. We recommend having an expert commercial real estate agent or broker who is familiar with the properties in the area on board who can help you locate the right property or office space for your needs.


It is important to find a secure building. The shared office space for rent should also have amenities to keep your employees and assets like laptops or any equipment safe and secure. You can check with the landlord to see if the office building has a manned security guard for entering and leaving the building or any type of after-hour security.

Prioritize Your Employees

Coworking spaces are all about coworking. It’s important to find a location that fits best with your team and employees. Be mindful of the space you decide to rent so that it isn’t a location that comes in the way of working together as a team. Coworking space Dallas by Venture X is well designed to fit all team sizes and to promote a healthy work environment. In case you plan to add new members to your team, Venture X is fully equipped to meet your requirements.

Office Layout

With the possibility of renting an office space, it gives you the liberty to choose the office layout that you and your team would prefer. It can be an open concept, more closed-off workspace or any other innovative layout that is best for your team’s productivity. You can effortlessly find your team’s perfect office layout with Venture X.

Know the space you are renting

Before you go ahead and sign those agreement papers you should know all the details of the place you are renting. In some cases, the property is not delivered as advertised which is why you should see it with your own eyes. If necessary, you can discuss the pricing details with the landlord for doing things like adding in any fixtures, paint, or moving the walls to create a well-suited office space for your needs.

Consider Parking

Parking is always a concern in crowded cities like Dallas. While looking to find office space anywhere in Dallas, you should prioritize parking availability and requirements for your team before proceeding with any particular location.

Visual Impact of Your Office Space

An elegant and well-maintained office space will always help make a good impression on anyone who walks in to meet with you. Your clients can take away a lot from the kind of office space you are renting. If it is too cramped and unkempt, they might feel like you are struggling. On the other hand, if it’s too lavish they might assume that they are paying you too much. Be sure your office is sending out the right message to your employees, clients and prospective customers.

Lease Terms

The length of a lease term is an important factor in your renting agreement. For your first office space in the early stages of a business, it is recommended to not get tied down with an extremely long term lease. This precaution is basically to hedge the odds in case of an unforeseen turn of events or outgrowing the space.

These are a few essentials to think about while leasing an office space for your business. Office spaces are becoming more and more innovative and productivity-focused, which is why it’s smart to find the best workspace to drive your business to greater heights.

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