Month: August 2019

Creating Work-Life Balance Through Coworking - Venture X Dallas Galleria

Creating Work-life Balance through Coworking

Whether you run a business or work remotely, it’s easy to see that there are certain benefits of working in a coworking space. One of the most overlooked perks of coworking is the idea of creating a better work-life balance for your employees and yourself. If your remote employees are working from home and don’t have a proper work-life balance, it could be affecting your companies overall productivity and profitability.  Why Choose Coworking? Some small businesses have already adapted to …

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Coworking Benefits & Trends for Small Businesses in 2019

Small businesses have started transitioning to using coworking spaces to perform their everyday work. Employees will appreciate the learning opportunities they receive by sharing the same space with other professionals. After already realizing the benefits of using a shared work environment, several small businesses across different industries have started to work exclusively from there. Several small businesses have stopped using a traditional office in favor of shared office space. Small businesses that have yet to make the switch to a …

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Coworking - What Your Company Is Missing By Sitting Out - Venture X Dallas Galleria

Coworking: What Your Company Is Missing By Sitting Out

Coworking is not a new concept. Companies of all sizes should start embracing the idea of coworking spaces as most employees now prefer coworking and flexible workspace options over more conventional options. Similarly, startups and entrepreneurs are already gravitating to coworking spaces. If your company is still mulling over the idea of coworking spaces in Dallas, here are just a few reasons why you should go ahead and make the leap. The Popularity of Coworking Spaces According to a 2019 …

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How Coworking Companies Impact Your Local Community - Venture X Dallas Galleria

How Coworking Companies Impact Your Local Community

Coworking companies are taking over old parking lots, abandoned warehouses, undesirable buildings and converting them into spaces that your city and local community will appreciate. Seeing an unsightly and unused space or building decreases the appeal of your local community. By buying and transforming empty plots and old buildings, coworking is not only adding value to the local community, but also providing local businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers a fully equipped shared work environment. How Establishing a Coworking Company Can Benefit …

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