Coworking Tips – How Your Surroundings Make You More Productive

The results of spatial design in coworking spaces on the efficiency of small businesses and freelancers.

Co-working spaces have immensely benefited freelancers and small businesses, allowing them to have control over their work, and engage with other professionals from various industries. Co-working space is a type of membership-driven communal workspace for freelancers and start-ups to get out of the house or bounce ideas off other creatives.

Thiswork style first materialized in San Francisco in 2005, initially designed to address the challenges of independent workers and their desire for interaction with professional and social networks, and more importantly, work-life balance. Since then, it has been growing rapidly, with the number of co-working spaces almost doubling each year.

Currently, there are over 2,300 coworking spaces in operation ,making it the fastest-growing workplace trend this decade.. Extensive research also suggests that coworking spaces have become the most productive places for freelancers and small business owners to work, compared to home and traditional office environments.

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“According to global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted, since working in a coworking space:

·       74% of coworkers are more productive,

·       86% have a larger business network,

·       93% have a bigger social network,

·       Over two thirds feel more creative and collaborate more on projects

·       A third reported an increase in income.”

Coworking spaces are found to boost your productivity despite having all the different kinds of ‘chilling zones’. They are designed in such a way that it allows you to balance work and non-work activities, without having to pretend to be working. Along with the fun zones, they also have dedicated distraction-free areas for those who want to focus on their work. Being a part of the community and infrastructure keeps you motivated and inspired.

The Design

The benefits of strong, well-planned spatial design can be seen across all aspects of business, but there are several unique benefits attached to joining a coworking space. Research shows that after joining a coworking space, 74% of workers experienced an increase in productivity, resulting in wide appreciation for the communal areas. 

As per Gretchen Spreitzer, Peter Bacevice, Lyndon Garrett, [Source (2)]

“As researchers who have, for years, studied how employees thrive, we were surprised to discover that people who belong to [co-working spaces] report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale. This is at least a point higher than the average for employees who do their jobs in regular offices, and something so unheard of that we had to look at the data again.”

Surroundings are one of the main factors that influence productivity, and a professional can thrive in a well-designed setting. 

Here Are A Few Ways That Design In Co-working Areas Changes Focus and Efficiency 

Productivity Styles in the Layout

Co-working space always prioritizes and promotes creativity and collaboration, primarily focusing on  open office layouts to do so. However, some people prefer less chatter while they work, and can experience high levels of stress or lack of motivation, and the open office layout may put a damper on their productivity.  Hence, co-working spaces that cater to both of these personality types enable all professionals to function at their full potential.

Co-working spaces are designed with the verbal and internal processors in mind, because the ability to concentrate is a key part of productivity. Quiet zones and private alcoves allow space for others to work on their own, while open floor plans attract and increase productivity for people and groups who prefer interaction. Professionals in the co-working space are encouraged to respect designated talking and quiet spaces to allow their co-workers to focus on their tasks.

Gives an Identity and Belonging

Freelancers and small start-ups who have only a few employees, neither of whom typically have offices,, are able to find a community of their own in vibrant, contemporary coworking spaces. They also find belonging and recognition, and feel less isolated while working on a coworking space. An environment conducive for collaboration and networking helps increase work performance and satisfaction.

Although a co-working space lacks the culture of a single, unified organization, the decoration can still connect workers to an overall purpose. For instance,  a large-scale murals can instill enthusiasm and identity in independent workers, while graphics and artwork can brighten a workspace and make it a pleasant environment to work in.

Visual Accents for Healthy Moods

Lighting is often an understated element to design, but the right lighting can transform a place for workers. Natural lighting and its connection between daylight exposure at work and overall quality of life can elevate your workplace performance. According to Professor Robert Cialdini of Arizona State University, a high ceiling and an open space can boost creativity and get ideas flowing. [Source (3)]

Windows are a key element to design that can give freelancers a productive edge during the workday. A good example of a co-working space with natural light in their facility to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere is Thrive workplace. Another great element that can brighten up the workplace is office plants.

Offers a Sense of Flexibility

Unhealthy stress can be detrimental to your productivity; it can keep you from operating at full capacity. Informal breakout rooms and relaxing stations at workplaces provide a great opportunity to regroup and give your mind a break.

Fun and quirky elements to a co-working space can reduce the burden of work, as long as they don’t impede on the zones reserved for formal meetings and important tasks. Splitting the main working section and the places to unwind can induce flexibility.


A successful co-working space can be identified by its engaging design that can lead to further productivity for coworkers. The perfect blend of decoration, layout, and accents can form a beneficial setting that suits a diverse group of professionals.  For more information contact: 

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As per NuMundo, [Source (4)]

“Coworking, like parallel play, is fun. It addresses our human need for interaction, support, community and stimulation in a holistic way. When our needs are met, we can focus that happy energy on getting shit done.”

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