Advice from Rachel Hollis: Shamelessly Reach Your Goals

Venture X aims to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers, techies, and corporate businessmen and women seeking modern, efficient, co-shared workspaces. Its success and rapid expansion is based on a singular and effective mission of providing members with exceptional amenities, ample space, and a host of fine-tuned options—so flexible that they are appealing to any generation.  

South Florida location, Venture X Doral, is receiving rave reviews for its most recent activation made possible through a partnership with Books & Books, a literary mainstay in South Florida. Venture X Doral members had the opportunity to hear from bestselling author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. Here are some tips Hollis shared during the event at Venture X Doral to help attendees shamelessly reach their goals:

“Are you afraid of failure or are you afraid of them watching you fail?”

Being afraid of failure and being afraid of people watching you fail are two different things: one is about being scared and one is about ego. Do not let your value lie within someone else’s opinion of you. Do not attempt to reach a standard that was set by anybody else but you.

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