Does Coworking Solve Remote Work Burnout?

Even though working from home has several advantages, there are disadvantages as well. When you are working from home, you are increasing your chances of experiencing remote work burnout.

Remote work burnout is a problem that is solvable. Known as coworking spaces, you can work in an environment that provides you with all the equipment you need to work in a productive manner. Right now, professionals across the country are making the switch to shared office space or private offices at coworking spaces, after experiencing the disadvantages of working from home.

Top 5 Disadvantages of Working from Home & How Coworking Solves Remote Work Burnout

Here is a list of the most common disadvantages you could experience while working from home and how coworking can help prevent remote work burnout.

1.   Disturbs Your Work-Life Balance

By working from home, it may be really difficult to find an effective work-life balance. Your family will want your attention when you are working at home because they may not understand that even though you are at home, you are still at work. 

Solution: You can tell them that you are at work and not to disturb you at certain hours of the day or have a separate room in the house that you can work in without any outside disturbance. Either way, it’s possible for feelings to become hurt unintentionally as you feel forced to pick between your household needs and ongoing work demands.

None of these are definite solutions to the problem. If you instead chose to have a desk at a coworking space, you could have dedicated hours for working at certain hours of the day. Your family will have more of your attention when you come home every day because you will have hours that are dedicated to your work life instead of blurring the lines between both.

2.   Affects Your Concentration

Since you are working from home, it’s possible you will experience all kinds of noises coming from both inside and outside your house. If you are talking to a client or working on a project, it’s only natural that the noise will disrupt you. If you have kids, working from home may be difficult depending on their age or activity level. When your concentration is affected, your productivity level goes down.

Solution:  You can increase your concentrations level by using a coworking space. You will be sharing a space with other professionals who will also be concentrating on completing their work for the day. Everyone is respectful of each other and keeps the noise level down. 

3.   Invites Loneliness

For people who do not have a family at home, working from home can get quite isolating. If you are working with other people, it’s easier to interact and make friends. Being cut off from the world while working at home can lower your productivity and your overall mood. There will be times where you will not want to work at all. Gradually, you will start to burnout.

Solution: By using a coworking space, you will automatically have more social interactions and meet new people. They will share a room with you at a common desk or be the neighbor to your private office. You can interact and socialize with them when it’s convenient for both of you. It’s possible to end up even taking breaks together with another person and make new friends throughout the process. As you start to make new friends and have more social interactions, you will no longer feel as lonely or depressed because you’ll be surrounded by other people. 

4.   Decreases Motivation

When you work from home, each day you have to find a way to motivate yourself to work. Instead of working, you may want to watch a movie or TV show. You may find yourself turning on the TV or taking naps. Your lack of motivation to work will not only cause delays for completing projects, but you may even find yourself missing deadlines. One of the reasons why your motivation to work declines at home is because you are working in a comfortable environment, not an office environment.

Solution: When you work at a coworking space, it’s a lot easier to remain motivated to work throughout the day because the people you are sharing the space with will also be working. When you are at home, you have to motivate yourself to get out of bed and work. It’s more difficult to try and take a nap when you see how motivated other professionals are around you. Having an office-like environment also gives you energy, but at home, you may not have any energy to start working.

5.   Nothing Set Up

At home, you will have to create an office and buy all the necessary equipment needed to operate it from home. Depending on your industry or nature of work, the type of office equipment you need to purchase may end up being quite expensive. For instance, you may need to buy a new desktop computer or laptop, invest in a fax machine or printer, or have a dedicated phone line just for clients to run your business from home. You also have to ensure your highspeed Wi-Fi never goes out on you because then you may not be able to work at all. Creating this type of environment in a home office can end up becoming a multitude of added expenses, which can be avoided.

Solution: You can avoid these added expenses by using a coworking space. A coworking space is equipped with all the high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment you need to run your business successfully. Most coworking companies even offer a conference room, so if you need to speak with a client in-person or have a meeting with them over the internet, you can do that in there.

If you are feeling burnout from working at home or you identify with one or more of the following reasons, consider working from a coworking company. Schedule a free coworking tour in Dallas today.

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