The Value of Membership: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place

The American workplace is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. The traditional workspace — the standardized and cloistered cubicle — is no longer a destination of choice. More and more, co-shared working spaces are popping up around the country and abroad.

The Venture X brand offers its members a smorgasbord of benefits, including boutique-style, world-class hotel-like amenities, a variety of office and desk options, concierge-level services, beautiful conference and meeting rooms, a café and lounge, and high-quality internet access. The most important benefits, however, may be the freedom and flexibility it provides members.

Membership has its advantages, including the ability to work from any Venture X facility, domestically or internationally. With 24/7 office access, it’s the perfect way to do business on your terms and on your time. This kind of freedom is popular among businessmen and women needing to host clients or looking to have a second office that accommodates their business travels.

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